We are keen on non-standard and innovative research technics. For more than 20 years in research we were often faced with limitations of traditional methods. And the most important problem of the traditional research is lack of interest of respondents. They are often not motivated to share their real feelings, emotions and opinions.

That is why we prefer to use methods that do not reveal the real goals of the study (such as STEP methodology in market modelling), that allow to observe the respondents behaviour in their natural environment and so on. We always use our creative techniques both for traditional or innovative research.

Since 2009 we are focused on the unique and innovative (not only in Russia) methodology in Russia – on interactive online communities.

The community approach helps to solve the most complicated research tasks. We do know how to involve and motivate community participants! And this is not an ordinary survey rather co-creation with your customers.

We use advanced platform that looks like social network and allows to launch both short-term (a kind of forum analytics) and long-term communities (the longest community lasted for 6 years).

Let’s co-create!

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