for quick qualitative and quantitative surveys

MROC is a complete tool for many research tasks

we will help you to moderate and analyze any of your existing community, both internal and external



Click Community is a private online interactive community, consisting of consumers and/or other members, that fully dedicated to your business development.

The community is your advisory board with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that allows you to keep your hand on the pulse and be innovative in your market.

Consumer communities have proven to be effective. They help brands:

  • stay up to date with consumer behavior
  • Identify new product and service ideas
  • speed up decision-making
  • decrease the risk of innovation

The community is formed for a period of 3 months or more, and  is at the client’s complete disposal.

Communities can be used for a variety of purposes: to address strategic, research and innovation challenges. Typical community may include all these objectives altogether.

The composition of the Community is determined by your specific objectives. It could be consumers, shareholders, employees, experts or all together.

We always encourage our customers to invite their representatives to the Community (e.g. from marketing).

We offer flexible terms of usage of our methodology: from simple platform rental to full service, including community recruitment and moderation, analytics and report writing. For a more detailed description of the method, community building methods, detailed description of platform capabilities and technologies used, please, request  a presentation

Research Communities (MROC)


Community provides an opportunity to solve different tasks in parallel. For example, explore habits and values, reveal consumer journeys, test concepts, find ideas for new products and services, collect best practices in your field and much more.

The community differs from other research tools in flexibility, greater involvement of participants, ability to solve complex multistage tasks, to clarify information in the process of research.

The lifetime of the community and its cost depend on your budget and research objectives. We are glad to tell you more and discuss your community building strategy.



Do you need full service? That’s our main specialty. We build communities from scratch, including recruiting and warming up communities, moderation, analytics and report writing.

To order the more detailed community presentation give us a call or drop a line.

Platform for rapid qualitative and quantitative research


Don’t you need moderation? Do you want to moderate your own community? Don’t you need help motivating your users? 

You can order us to customize the look and feel of the community and its maintenance (and recruitment, if necessary), and do the rest by yourself.


The platform is ready to go, you do not need to go into technical details. According to your brief we will develop the desired appearance, order a domain and pay for hosting, and will help you with technical support. 

Examples of tasks: advertising evaluation, barriers to product use, ideas for a new service.

To calculate the cost or to know more.

Communities for your purposes

We are ready to cooperate with you not only in the field of market research.

Our years of experience in community management can be useful if you are planning to build your community, internal or external. It can be a community of your partners, employees, potential clients, VIP clients, etc. We will help at any stage and in any way: to formulate a mission, to find a platform, to breathe life into your community.

Call or email us to discuss your community.