Since 2009 we have been successfully developing online communities in Russia

We do know how to solve your problems using traditional research methods

Develop research communities (MROC), discover the value of this tool for clients and colleagues, and train them to work with it

About us

Many years of research experience of our team is in great demand in the market.

We have extensive experience in quantitative research (until 2009, we worked at IMCA), in the following areas:

  • studying consumer habits and behaviour, including segmentation,
  • product testing (R&D, sensory tests, preference mapping, etc.),
  • concept testing,
  • market modelling (CBC, STEP test) and price research,
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of promotions and advertising campaigns,
  • and much more. 

But the main thing is that any research for us is a real Ad-Hoc project. We do not have standard solutions, we optimize any method to suit the specific needs of our client – from the data collection tool to field logistics. In this way, we ensure the maximum reliability of the data collected.

We love unconventional, innovative research.

In 2009 we decided to focus on building user online communities to solve our clients’ problems on a fundamentally different quality level.

In December 2009 we, together with the British company Promise, succeeded in launching the first branded six-month online co-creation community for Bacardi.

We made communities of ordinary and VIP clients of banks, moms, home goods consumers, teenagers, communication users and so on. You can read more about the largest and most interesting projects here.

Years of experience of our British colleagues and our practice have proven that online community method  is the most advanced and productive way to find insights.