We have extensive experience with co-creation communities

is our core competency.
We are the best experts in Russia!

Our Experience

At the end of 2009 we launched the first interactive community in Russia on the platform of the British research agency Promise for Bacardi. It was a professional bartending community dedicated to developing a loyalty program.

2012 – 2018: an interactive community of consumers of banking services for Sberbank. The total number of participants was about 1000. The main goal was to monitor consumer behaviour for six different products. 

2013-2015: an online community dedicated to mothers’ issues. Ad-hocs for different clients.

2016: 6-month community of VIP consumers of banking services. 

2018: Beauty community for Estee Lauder with premium cosmetics consumers. Over the course of 7 months, 6 categories were analyzed on three large research topics. We presented this case in a joint report with the client at the Research Expo 2019. 

2020: 12-months community with consumers of banking services for VTB bank.

Since 2018: own community of consumers (about 200 participants), open for a quick launch of topics in different categories (confectionery, mobile communications and internet, banking services, etc.).

We also do short-term projects by means of online forums.

Years of experience of our British colleagues and our practice have proved that the online community method is the most advanced and effective way to find insights.