We choose the best research solution for each client

We love unconventional projects and solutions

both for data collection and analysis


Innovative technologies

Focusing on interactive online communities, in 2009 we were the first to launch co-creation online community in Russia. 

Quantitative research

We conduct any classic consumer research, preferring to collect data through telephone or online surveys. We create competent questionnaires for correct data collection, following with professional data analysis based on most modern and effective methods. 

Concept tests, name tests, pricing strategies, market modeling

  • STEP test (at IMCA we were the first to use this method in Russia)
  • Choice Based Conjoint

Using original methods, we turn a simple concept test into a simulation of consumer behavior. As a result, we know for sure that we don’t just evaluate packaging as an artwork.

Segmentation of consumers

  • based on effective models that predict consumer behavior.

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